December 26, 2015

Band of the Rising Sun

A blinding light from the Far East is breaking through the indie skyline.

Japanese musician Sourin synthesized a luminous LP in September that coalesces a kaleidoscope of sounds and bends it into an aural aurora. Each song’s short bursts (all dissipate in under four minutes) refract independently yet maintain symmetry when viewed as a single prism.


Sourin distills a spacious spectrum of styles ranging from shoegaze to electronica. His fluorescent falsetto is the constant corona, effortlessly fluctuating along the wavelengths and wistfully filling the shadows. “Koufu” and “Shunsu” shine superbly with rainbows of reverb and lustrous guitars. “Kitsunebi” and “Shunki” are brilliant pop flashes, galvanizing in their glittering gusto. The gamma of “Hiyori,” “Shu-rin,” and  “Setsugetsuka” emit softer glows in a deliberate divergence to most of the album’s glaring rays.

Sourin has created a stunning solarium that gleams with gravitas. Few releases in 2015 have eclipsed it.

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