June 29, 2018

Ghost writer

Emo emissary Jeremy Enigk conjures the spirit of projects past on 2017’s Ghosts, a songwriting séance that deserves a plot between the eternal flames of The Fire Theft and Sunny Day Real Estate‘s The Rising Tide. His voice is as harrowing as ever, humbly hovering over each track with an ethereal essence exhumed from those career-defining caskets. But several haunting specters (“Amazing Worlds,” “Victory,” “Light and Shadow”) engrave a more intimate, transparent aura for Enigk that until now has lurked in the background. This vulnerability reprises through “Sacred Fire,” “Onaroll,” “Ancient Road” and the penultimate “I Am Revolution,” reverent reveries revealing both his innermost struggles and the power of personal redemption to overcome them. Another spine-tingling Enigk apparition, Ghosts is one of the most significant artistic reincarnations in recent memory.