December 31, 2018


One is a lonely number. Nobody knows it better than Danish multi-instrumentalist savant Jeppe Dengsø, who makes coping cathartic on You Drift Away From Me, his first full-length under the moniker Moon Loves Honey. Chronicling insecurities about the uncertain fate of a once close friendship, Dengsø digs deep inside this despondence and dredges several therapeutic gems. “Should’ve Waited,” “Before I Crash,” “Lonely Day” and the title track can cheer up dour dispositions, and display emotional and musical temperament progression from MLH’s initial inkblot (2016’s Apart EP). The other admissions aren’t particularly riveting rorschachs, stifling a potential breakthrough that could’ve materialized had ideal icebreakers “Cages” and “Not Only in My Dreams” taken their place in the album’s hierarchy of needs.

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