June 22, 2015

Heir apparent

And So I Watch You From Afar is one of indie rock’s finest monarchs. With Heirs, they raucously resume their reign.

The Irish instrumentalists’ first release in two years represents their most lavish long player to date. ASIWYFA erect a castle of cavernous calamity, enshrining audacious antiquities that pay homage to a lasting lineage. These artifacts inherit the artistry of their ancestors and even more avarice. Rory Friers and his minstrel court spare no expense adorning this acropolis in affluent acoustic accoutrements fit for a king.


ASIWYFA repose Heirs with resplendent riffs reminiscent of relics from the seminal Gangs and robe it in the effusive energy of All Hail Bright Futures. “Run Home” is the album’s crown jewel, subjugating commoners through guitar grandeur not heard since “Beautifuluniversemasterchampion.” “Redesigned a Million Times,” a less opulent overture, obtains ornate orchestration akin to “7 Billion People All Alive At Once.” Friers and Niall Kennedy synchronize their scepters solemnly for “Wasps” and “A Beacon, A Compass, An Anchor” and paint a magnificent mural of mercurial modals on the walls.

To assuage lieges leery of vested vocals, ASIWYFA imbue “These Secret Kings I Know,” “People Not Sleeping,” “Tryer, You,” “Fucking Lifer” and “Animal Ghosts” with the ambiance of 2011’s debut. But the seven-minute title track bequeaths it best, the band’s dynasty dignified by a destructive descendant unlike any in their history. Drummer Chris Wee knights its nobility, nuancing cadences and nurturing crescendos that contribute another incredible crest to an incomparable catalogue.

ASIWYFA has never ruled so royally. Heirs leaves a legacy that will be lionized for generations.

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