July 29, 2013

All the news that’s fit to tweet

To ensure less clutter on the site, I’ll be updating the Twitter account with general news notices. This could include – but not be limited to – album releases, tour schedules, break-up announcements, funding projects, crazy crowd-surfing photos, and links to Billy Corgan “I’m independent and reinvented”  interviews (because, c’mon, there can never be too many).

I’ll keep the feed as current as possible, and its items will sometimes substitute for posts to the blog. For the sake of convenience, I’ve added a widget to display the latest tweets.

February 12, 2013


Corvella Media 2.0 has arrived! My apologies for the extensive break. I missed the opportunity to examine several noteworthy events during the last eight months: the release of 2012’s best album … the release of 2012’s second-best album … and the return of some band called My Bloody Valentine. Those items are first on the agenda in 2013.

I’ll be posting (er, attempting to post) on a more consistent basis. I may also introduce a couple new features to the content. If you have any suggestions for bands I should profile or music I should review, feel free to contact me via the e-mail link in the sidebar. Thanks for reading.

January 30, 2012

In the money

Forget the greedy hedge fund managers and despicable 1% decried at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Music tycoon Brandon Ebel may have pulled off the largest heist in recent memory with the signing of Abandoned Pools, giving venerable Seattle label Tooth & Nail a bona fide sledgehammer with which to bludgeon the rest of the industry.

Formally cemented in November, the deal was announced online today by AP founder and sole proprietor Tommy Walter:

Walter has received significant attention here – and pretty much everywhere else – during the past few years, primarily for AP’s under-valued second album (Armed to the Teeth) and the propitious yet unprofitable venture Glacier Hiking. As that band’s stock slowly depreciated, Walter reallocated his assets and infused new capital into AP. The two-year yield is the forthcoming Sublime Currency, an investment that should provide Mr. Ebel a sizable return and help buy back – at the very least – his company’s relevance.

June 25, 2010

Pool feeds

An addendum to May’s post on Abandoned Pools. Tommy Walter talks about the recording process and his reasons for reviving the band in this June 14 interview:

Interesting to note that Walter says, “I would rather put my worldview forward than supporting someone else’s.” Could this be a cryptic signal of a permanent departure from Glacier Hiking? (The status line on the Myspace page currently reads, “Stay tuned … we’s about to make a change.”) And if that is the change, what would it mean for their album already in production? They’re scheduled to play the Roxy Theatre on Tuesday, so perhaps they’ll provide details at the show.

Speaking of shows, Walter and crew took to the stage again last Wednesday at the Viper Room. bandcrab, which chatted up Walter for a few minutes after the set, reports he threw a few new songs into the mix along with some favorites from Humanistic and Armed to the Teeth, including “Rabble”:

February 16, 2010

Ditching the drama

The Most Serene Republic appear on the verge of crumbling – again. After a taxing 2008 that almost tore the group apart, TMSR lost a drummer, then promptly lost themselves (and perhaps a good portion of their fan base) in an album which mirrored the compounding conflict.

And now, even more worrisome, they’ve lost unassuming sopranic siren Emma Ditchburn. TMSR broke the news via their label’s website last Monday, and offered assurances they’ll be moving forward. They just won’t have any serenity left to take with them. With Ditchburn’s exit, they’ve lost that, too.

February 14, 2010

Revolting news

I became somewhat despondent last week when I read the latest blog from Marvins Revolt, who announced they will be ceasing all activity for the foreseeable future. I highlighted them in a post several months ago as they prepared for a tour to promote their third CD, Patrolling the Heights. I strongly recommend purchasing this and their previous EP, Killec, before they’re obsolete.