June 25, 2010

Pool feeds

An addendum to May’s post on Abandoned Pools. Tommy Walter talks about the recording process and his reasons for reviving the band in this June 14 interview:

Interesting to note that Walter says, “I would rather put my worldview forward than supporting someone else’s.” Could this be a cryptic signal of a permanent departure from Glacier Hiking? (The status line on the Myspace page currently reads, “Stay tuned … we’s about to make a change.”) And if that is the change, what would it mean for their album already in production? They’re scheduled to play the Roxy Theatre on Tuesday, so perhaps they’ll provide details at the show.

Speaking of shows, Walter and crew took to the stage again last Wednesday at the Viper Room. bandcrab, which chatted up Walter for a few minutes after the set, reports he threw a few new songs into the mix along with some favorites from Humanistic and Armed to the Teeth, including “Rabble”:

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