June 22, 2010


Everyone can get a little crazy on occasion. Indie-pop trio The Wombats have made eccentricity a staple of their daily routine.

Much like their small furry namesake, Liverpool lads Matthew Murphy, Dan Haggis and Tord Øverland-Knudsen are insatiably lovable, too, as evidenced by the large cult following they’ve amassed both in the UK and abroad. They’re on the U.S. side of the pond this month recording a new album, their first since 2007’s widely praised A Guide to Love, Loss and Desparation. Last spring, they released a single that should be one of the select tracks to survive the next full-length’s final cut, if for no other reason than it’s accompanied by one of the coolest videos you’ll ever see.

If “My Circuitboard City” is any indication, The Wombats will continue to be crazy good.