February 16, 2010

Ditching the drama

The Most Serene Republic appear on the verge of crumbling – again. After a taxing 2008 that almost tore the group apart, TMSR lost a drummer, then promptly lost themselves (and perhaps a good portion of their fan base) in an album which mirrored the compounding conflict.

And now, even more worrisome, they’ve lost unassuming sopranic siren Emma Ditchburn. TMSR broke the news via their label’s website last Monday, and offered assurances they’ll be moving forward. They just won’t have any serenity left to take with them. With Ditchburn’s exit, they’ve lost that, too.

February 14, 2010

Revolting news

I became somewhat despondent last week when I read the latest blog from Marvins Revolt, who announced they will be ceasing all activity for the foreseeable future. I highlighted them in a post several months ago as they prepared for a tour to promote their third CD, Patrolling the Heights. I strongly recommend purchasing this and their previous EP, Killec, before they’re obsolete.

February 11, 2010

Smoldering Glacier

With all the hysteria surrounding global climate change, it’s encouraging to discover at least one solid formation isn’t in danger of melting away anytime soon.

Los Angeles natives Tommy Walter and Ross Golan – collectively known as Glacier Hiking – were one of 2009’s hottest commodities, igniting southern California’s prime venues, Texas’ South by Southwest music festival and television channels ranging from SPEED to MTV.

In the midst of a variety of individual projects during the last three years, Walter and Golan collaborated on a series of demos. The process resulted in their first official release, the Color by Number EP, in October. They’re currently putting the finishing touches on a full-length album with renowned rock producer Neal Avron, and have been posting rough versions of the tracks online.

That should keep their fans warm enough until the new record breaks the mainstream ice.